Why You Need The Input Of A Real Estate Attorney When Buying A House

28 September 2022
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Are you planning to buy a house? If so, you may be wondering whether or not you need to hire a real estate attorney. After all, the process of buying a house can be complicated and there are many different players involved, from real estate agents to loan officers. While you technically could try to navigate the process on your own, there are several reasons why it's in your best interest to have an attorney by your side. Read More 

Is A Trust Right For Your Children?

25 August 2022
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Trusts allow people to make detailed plans for what happens to their estate after they pass away. If you have children, you can fund a trust to ensure they are taken care of in several ways. Read on for some ideas on creating a trust that addresses the needs of your children. What is a Trust? Trusts are like a last will and testament in that they contain assets and beneficiaries are named. Read More