Purchasing A Short Sale: The Intricacies Of Buying A Home That Is Sold Under A Short Sale

21 October 2015
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When you are looking to buy a home, there are some ways you can get a better deal on a home than you might otherwise. One way to pay a little bit less for a home is to purchase one that is being offered for a short sale. This can be a complicated process, and one that you can discuss with your real estate attorney before deciding this is the right type of sale will work for you. Read More 

Do You Really Need A Real Estate Attorney When Buying A House?

16 July 2015
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When you set out to buy a house, there may be a lot of expenses that you don't expect. You might be wondering whether you need to hire an attorney during this process if you already have a real estate agent. Here are a few reasons why you may need a lawyer to help you when you're buying a house. Investigating Title Issues One of the most important things that a real estate lawyer does is investigate the title of any house you want to buy. Read More 

Avoiding A Discrimination Lawsuit As A Landlord

3 June 2015
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You may have perfectly valid reasons for choosing to not take on a specific individual as a tenant. However, if there are suspicions that you have chosen not to take on a tenant out of a desire to discriminate against someone on a basis of characteristics such as the individual's race, sex or religious affiliation, you may still be sued and possibly even lose your legal battle. To avoid a discrimination lawsuit in the first place, there are steps you can take to prove that you are not discriminating. Read More 

To Probate Or Not To Probate? That Is The Question

19 May 2015
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The probate process involves going to court to determine whether a will is valid. Once the will is proved lawful, the assets of the deceased are distributed according to the will. Probate is a costly, complex process that requires a qualified probate lawyer to file all of the necessary paperwork. For this reason, you may decide to set your assets up so that they can avoid the probate process. Bypassing probate helps pass more of your hard-earned assets to your heirs. Read More