3 Ways To Get Money To Invest In Your First Real Estate Property

25 May 2016
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Investing in real estate is one of the ways to financial freedom. It is true that many people have become wealthy from investing in properties. However, investing in real estate is no different than any other business venture. You need to understand the process before spending any money. It also helps to get to know real estate lawyers, like those in Sinc Law, in your local community. Read on to find out how to get the money to buy your first investment property.

Take The Money From Your Retirement Savings

Investment properties are not covered by mortgage insurance. You have to put down at least 20 percent to secure financing. If you can put down 25 percent, then you can qualify for a lower interest rate.

Many retirement plans like your 401K allows you to borrow money for real estate. If you want to take money out of your 401K, then you have to go to payroll and tell them to make your plan a self-directed 401K plan. A self-directed plan allows you to make decision on how to spend the money in your retirement savings. You do not need approval from a financial institution and you have control of the checkbook.

Open A Credit Card And Get A Cash Advance

A credit card is another option for coming up with a down payment. You should ask your lender how to proceed with a real estate transaction. If you cannot charge the purchase directly to your credit card, then you can take out a cash advance.

Get A Loan

Banks offer investment loans for people who want to buy real estate. You have to fill out an application to get approved. The amount you can borrow depends on your credit history. It helps to have your credit in order before signing up for a loan.

After going through the loan process, the loan officer will tell you your approval amount. This amount can help you with setting a budget. At this point, you need to decide when to purchase your property. It also helps to bring in a real estate agent. A real estate agent has access to real estate listings and can help you find a house within your budget.

Starting a business starts with a business plan and setting goals. Some people allow money to stop them from carrying out their dreams. It is possible to find money to fund your business ventures. You have to network and research your options.