Do You Really Need A Real Estate Attorney When Buying A House?

16 July 2015
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When you set out to buy a house, there may be a lot of expenses that you don't expect. You might be wondering whether you need to hire an attorney during this process if you already have a real estate agent. Here are a few reasons why you may need a lawyer to help you when you're buying a house.

Investigating Title Issues

One of the most important things that a real estate lawyer does is investigate the title of any house you want to buy. There may a lien on the property or another issue that means that the person selling the house to you is not legally authorized to sell the property. Without a lawyer, you run the risk of buying a property from someone who claims to own it, only to have no rights when another party lays claim to it. A good attorney will make sure that the house can be sold to you without any problems.

Contract Protection

Unless you are used to the language in real estate contracts, you may be unsure about all the provisions they contain. While your real estate agent can explain some things to you, their primary interest is in making the sale, as their commission is their livelihood. A good real estate attorney can examine contracts to be sure you are adequately protected; if not, they have the authority to change the language in the contracts to benefit your interests.

This is especially important if there are repairs that need to be made or issues that need to be taken care of before the sale goes through. For example, if there are underground fuel tanks that need to be removed, your lawyer can draw up legal documents that ensure the seller removes the tanks at their expense within a certain time frame.

Getting Permits

If you plan to make improvements to the existing house on the property, or are planning new construction, a real estate lawyer can help you determine which permits you need to do so, and whether you are eligible for those permits. If you are considering building a new home on a property that contains wetlands, for instance, it is important that you seek a permit. Your lawyer will be able to help you navigate that process.

Now that you know some of the reasons it is a good idea to retain a real estate attorney at a firm like Madigan & Scott Inc. when you buy a house, be sure to take your time and find a qualified lawyer in your area. With the help they provide, you can feel more confident about buying your new home.